What is Chinahair4u Channel (CC)?

"Chinahair4u Channel" is our video streaming service, powered by Google Drive. It provides you the same experience as Youtube. The channel maintains over 30 videos (each including show and cut parts) and updates 2 on every Friday. The subscription rate is $14.99 per month.
Screenshots as of Aug. 16, 2013:

How to Enjoy CC?

Step 1: Subscribe this service with your Paypal account:
Step 2: Within several hours (up to a business day), your Paypal email will receive an email from us that shares the channel with you (screenshot )
Step 3: Click on the link and you are brought to Google Drive login page. If this is the first time you use your paypal email to login Google, please sign up with your Paypal email (screenshot ).
Step 4: After login, you can see the channel we shared with you. Click on the "add to drive" button on the top right corner (screenshot ).
Step 5: Now this channel becomes a folder in your Google Drive. You can playback any video in this channel (screenshot ). Like in Youtube, you can switch the video quality up to 720p (screenshot ).
Step 6 (optional): Download "Google Drive" android or iOS app to playback video in your smartphone, tablet, iphone or ipad. (screenshot )
Important Notes:
1: Videos cannot be downloaded. Only online watching is enabled.
2: The billing will automatically recur every 30 days. You can cancel it at anytime from your Paypal account (screenshot ). The cancelation will not affect your current billing cycle, so you can still watch the videos until your subscription expires.